Wheat Germ

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Wheat germ is the reproductive area or embryo from which the seed germinates to form the sprout that becomes the green wheat grass. The term "germ" comes from the word germinate, and does not refer to "germs" such as bacteria and viruses. Wheat germ is high in vitamin and mineral content make it an extremely nutritious food.

Use: To increase fiber and nutrients in bread and cereal recipes, wheat germ may be used to replace 0.5–1 cup of regular flour. It can be added to practically all foods (i.e. yogurt, soups, casseroles, in place of bread crumbs, etc.)

Storage: Because wheat germ contains fat, proper cold storage is necessary to prevent spoilage. Unopened wheat germ can be safely stored up to 1 year unopened. Once opened it can be kept refrigerated for up to 9 months if stored properly and tightly sealed.

Analysis (per 1 cup): 414 calories, 11.2g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 13mg sodium, 1025mg potassium 59.6g carbohydrates, 15.2g fibre, 15.2g sugar, 26.6g protein

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