Sublime Supergreen Turmeric Elixir

Size: 500mL


In search of a more enjoyable way to reduce inflammation and boost her immune system, our Founder Mel spent years perfecting a remedy that gave her the medicinal benefits she wanted with the activated ingredients her body needed. And so, the original elixir was born: the tastiest way to a healthier you. Nourishing, revitalizing turmeric elixirs from the earth to your soul.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Lemons*, Ginger*, Honey, Turmeric root*, Spirulina*, Spices, White pepper, Coconut oil*. * Organic

Suggested Use
Serving Suggestions: Add 1oz elixir to 8oz water (hot or cold) or enjoy a shot over ice as a digestif. Shake your mama! Keep refrigerated. Shake well. Non-Alcoholic.

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