Sprouted Chia Seeds

Size: 150 g


ORIGINAL SALBA BRAND CHIA SEED with 7 times more vitamin C than an orange, 6 times more calcium than milk, 15 times more magnesium than broccoli, plus an ORAC rating of 840 per serving. Sprinkle nutty flavoured Salba on your salads or cereal, mix it in yogurt or a smoothie and you've got a nutrient packed energy boosting superfood. These sprouted seeds can boost the nutritional profile of juices, smoothies, yogurts, baked goods, and many recipes

Ingredients Sprouted Salba® Chia Seed

Suggested Use
Enjoy Salba® just as nature intended: as a raw and functional super food. The serving size is 2 tbsp. You can sprinkle Salba® on cereal in the morning, mix it with yogurt, smoothies or salads. You can use it to bake or cook with by including it in breads, cookies, muffins, burgers, soups, casseroles, pastas or anything else you desire. Salba® is gluten free and makes an excellent substitute for flour (1 part ground Salba® replaces 3 parts flour). It can be used as an effective thickener for gravy, soups or sauces and can replace eggs in any recipe (¼ cup Salba® Gel as made with 2 tbsp of ground Salba® and ½ cup cold water can replace 1 egg.

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