Real Coconut Water With Pulp

Size: 4 x 81 mL


Traveling through Thailand, coconut water is served at numerous roadside stands by smiling vendors. We’re happy to share the bounty with our pure coconut water. Growing bigger & sweeter than anywhere else in the world, our premium coconuts are harvested from Thailand’s famous groves – we know how to pick ‘em! Our coconut water speaks for itself – sweetly crisp and refreshing with NO ADDED SUGAR. Our award winning sets us apart, and every Taste Nirvana offering we bring to you is always approved by the EXPERIENCED TASTE BUDS from our multi-generational Thai FAMILY BUSINESS. Drink Happiness! Our young coconuts are truly tender and sometimes may yield water that contain fine traces of pulp that naturally tend to clump & jell. Just shake well before drinking & know that you are enjoying what Mother Nature intended!

coconut water, coconut pulp

Suggested Use
Shake before using. Refrigerate after opening. Best served chilled.

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