Organic Liquid Honey

Size: 375 g


Organic Capilano Honey 375 g This is a certified organic #1 Grade amber unpasteurized liquid honey. Price: $9.29 Capilano Quantity: 1 Message to your personal shopper Sign in to buy Ask a question about this product This is a certified organic #1 Grade amber unpasteurized liquid honey. Capilano Apiary: This Beekeepers Capilano's premium Australian honey is collected from the beehives of over 500 Australian beekeepers who run commercial beekeeping operations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Between them they can produce more than 18,000 tonnes of honey and 250 tonnes of beeswax each year. To produce this volume of honey, beekeepers spend long hours driving between apiary sites, checking hives and collecting honey filled combs. They can travel more than 100,000km per year moving hives between various sites that are obtained from farmers, leased state forestry and rural lands protection boards. They then return home to extract the honey from the honeycombs and send it to Capilano Honey for packing. Capilano Honey was the first honey packer in Australia to introduce formal quality measures for beekeepers to follow.

 Pure, organic honey

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