Organic Greek Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Size: 500mL


Harvested at the edge of the Aegean Sea from small Greek groves, each bottle of Kouzini contains over 650 of the finest, cold pressed Lakonian olives. Our organic oil is fruity and peppery with just the right amount of zing. To maintain peak flavor, aroma and freshness, we bottle using dark green glass only - within hours of picking. All our olive oils are guaranteed extra virgin and cold pressed with a low acidity of 0 to 0.4%. With the organic bottle, you'll experience extra virgin olive oil the way nature really intended. Kouzini Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is raw, balanced and peppery. Here, we skip the filtering process and leave the naturally occurring olive sediment intact- exactly the way nature intended. Think of the unfiltered extra virgin olive oil part as the "Mother" in vinegar.

Ingredients: Olive Oil

Suggested Use
Kouzini is great for drizzling, finishing meat dishes, roasted vegetables, salads and dippings.

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