Maple Syrup Dark #3

Size: 1 L


CANADA'S FAVOURITE SYRUP! Maple Syrup was founded by the North American Indians, and used as a spring tonic. Maple Syrup is the boiled, condensed sap of maple trees. Of the six species of maple trees native to Quebec, only two supply suitable sap for syrup, the Sugar Maple (Canadian National Emblem) and the Red Maple. Maple Sugar is a brown, crystalline sugar obtained from Maple Syrup. Approximately 36 to 44 gallons of sap is evaporated just to make 1 gallon of Maple Syrup. Canadian Heritage Organics #3 is a rich dark coloured syrup. [LIQUID]

Organic Maple Syrup

Suggested Use
Can replace table sugar 1:1 in sweetening all beverages & baking

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