Lecithin Granules

Size: 454g


Kosher and Gluten free

Granular Lecithin is a highly-concentrated product purified from natural soybean lecithin. It is a food grade, oil-free, light tan or yellow granule having a 97% Acetone Insoluble minimum. It has no carriers or diluents, and has a very bland flavor and odour. It is readily dispersible in water and soluble in most oils. The dry granular form makes the product convenient and easy to handle.

Storage Conditions: Store in dry, closed container. After opening, it is recommended to transfer the product to an opaque, airtight container to protect it from light and moisture. Storage temperature should not exceed 25ºC or 75ºF. The shelf life is one year.

Application: Soy lecithin is recognized as a dietary supplement that many physicians recommend to use in managed diets. Three principle components are: phosphatidyl choline (20-23%), phosphatidyl ethanolamine (16-21%), phosphatidyl inositol (12-18%), and other related phosphorus-containing lipids. These substances help to reduce the cholesterol level in the body.

Substitutes:  vegetable oil (In bread recipes, substitute this for lecithin measure for measure.)

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