Kanten Agar-Agar

Size: 15 g


Agar Agar is a natural gelling agent obtained from seaweed. It is odorless, colourless, and tasteless, and functions as a perfect substitute for animal gelatin.


Suggested Use
Agar agar can be used in any dairy-free, vegan recipe that calls for gelatin as a thickening agent, including sauces, jelly-based desserts, custards and puddings. How to use it? Use 2 tsp of agar flakes to every cup of liquid in a recipe. Like gelatin, it needs to be dissolved in liquid by bringing it to a boil over medium heat and then simmering until thickened, approximately five minutes. Set and chill in refrigerator before use. Use 0.9g agar agar powder to 100ml of neutral liquid Use 1.3g of agar agar powder to 100ml of acidic liquid

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