Anti-Lime Scale Ball

Size: 1 piece


Proven to soften your water by up to 70%, magno ball could pay for itself in weeks. Both economical and environmentally safe, its magnetic power crystallises limescale particles in the water, preventing them from settling in your clothes or clogging up the heating elements and pipes of your washing machine or dishwasher. you should find you no longer need anti-limescale tablets to soften your water, you’ll use around 70% less detergent and you can even lower the washing temperature – saving more money – and still get your clothes or dishes clean. Suitable for use in all washing machines and dishwashers and with all detergents, may be used along with our popular ecoballs. just place the magnoball in the machine and wash as normal. lasts for up to 10 years. magnets carry a manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

Suggested Use
Suitable for use in all washing machines and dishwashers. Do not use in tumble dryers or on drying cycles. Do not use on wash cycles above 60 degrees. WARNING: The Magnoball contains a powerful magnet. Keep away from pacemakers, electronic data carriers, VCR's, DVD's, TV's, and computers. Keep out of reach of children.

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