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Organic Brown Rice Syrup
Raw Honey
Dutchman's Gold Raw Honey
$12.89 / 1 kg
Organic Pure Maple Syrup #2 Amber
Organic Maple Syrup - #2 Amber
Organic Maple Syrup - #1 Medium
Raw Manuka Honey 16+
Organic Molasses Blackstrap
Liquid Wild Flower Honey
Propolis Manuka Honey Lozenges
Manuka Honey MGO 263+ (Silver)
Manuka Honey MGO 115+ (Bronze)
Unpasteurized Blueberry Honey
Org Raw Rainforest Flower Honey
Org Ginseng Honey
Oneroot Org Ginseng Honey
$17.99 / 300 g
Org Cinnamon Honey
Oneroot Org Cinnamon Honey
$13.69 / 300 g
Organic Creamed Honey
Organic Liquid Honey
Grade A Maple Syrup - Dark
Grade A Maple Syrup - Amber
S/F  Maple Flavoured Syrup
Raw Manuka Honey K Factor 16
Raw Manuka Honey K Factor 12
Honey with echinacea drops
Manuka K Factor 16

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