Mocc Dark Blonde

Size: 1 kit


Men's Own is quick, and as easy as washing your hair. It's unique ammonia free formula with Color Match technology and Slow Fade offers a natural high quality result, superior care & shine in one single treatment. Enriched with 8 certified organic extracts and ingredients that protect and improve the quality of the hair, and lengthen the durability of the color result significantly. For the best color result choose the color that matches you natural hair color. Can't choose between two shades? First try the lighter one. Ultra Mild & Gentle Quick & Easy No Ammonia Slow Fade One Application Lasts Up to 6 weeks Suitable For Coloring Beards, Moustaches and Sideburns. Revives the Natural Hair Color Covers Grey Hair Naturally Superior Care & Shine PPD Free Color Cream, Activator & Conditioner, with mixing tray, revives hair in just 5 minutes.

Suggested Use
Working Method: Use Colour & Care on unwashed, dry hair. Wear suitable gloves. It is recommended to wash and dry the hair first incase styling products were used. 1. Precautions. -Check colour name D250 and number of the tube and packaging. - Carry out a sensitivity test 48 hours before use. - Keep out of reach of children. 2. Preparation - Make sure you have the following items available. - Old/dark towel or hairdressing cape in order to protect your clothing during mixing and colouring. - A comb with coarse teeth. - A clock. - The contents of the Colour & Care package. 3. Mixing - Place the hairdressing cape or towel around your shoulders and put on the enclosed gloves. - Take the cap of the colour cream tube (B). Empty the entire contents of the tube into the application bottle (A) (ill.2). - Close the bottle. Shake it thoroughly until you get an even mixture (ill2). - Break the tip of the cap from the bottle and apply the product immediately (ill.3). Do not work in a draughty room. - Prevent spilling! Colouring stains on the carpet etc. cannot be removed. 4. Application possibilities - The package contains everything required for a complete colouring of shoulder-long hair. Shoulder-long to long hair and thick hair require two or more packages. Prepare one package at a time. Apply the contents of the first package on the hair on top of your head and on the backside. Shortly after, prepare the second package and colour the hair on the sides, alongside your face and the hair tips. - A. Application on non-coloured hair -Using the application bottle (A), apply the mixture to unwashed, dry hair. Apply the mixture lock by lock, from hair root tip. Spread the mixture evenly over the hair with the comb and then massage in carefully. Do not cover the hair (ill.4). - B. Application as follow-up treatment on hair that has already been coloured. - only to the hair roots. Use approximately 2/3 of the mixture for this and massage it carefully into the unwashed, dry hair. After 20 minutes spread the rest of the mixture over the hair lengths and ends. Once again, massage it in lightly and spread it with a comb. Do not cover the hair. Leave in for another 5-10 minutes before rinsing. 5. Interaction period - Leave in for 30 minutes. - Burgundy 3.67 and Reddish 2.66 on black hair, have to be left in for 40-50 minutes. - Highlighters 10.00 and 10.01 have to be left in for 30 minutes. This can be prolonged to 40-50 minutes, depending on the desired colour result. 6. Rinsing and after-treatment . After the interaction period, apply some lukewarm water to the hair and massage it in gently. After that, carefully rinse the hair, using plenty of water, until the water is clear (ill.5) .Use the enclosed Colour Fix Conditioner for after care. Mix the contents of this sacheet with approximately 200 ml of lukewarm water. Pour the mixture over the hair and massage it in thoroughly. Squeeze excess water from the hair. Do not rinse. This prolongs the colour results, gives extra protection and a brilliant shine. - For optimal colour protection and daily care we recommend the use of Hairwonder Hair Repair Gloss Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner.

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