Lipo-Flavonoid Formula

Size: 100 caps


Product Ingredients Each bottle of Lipo-Flavonoid® Plus and Lipo-Flavonoid® Night meet stringent guidelines for quality, purity and potency: Lipo-Flavonoid® products are manufactured in an FDA regulated facility utilizing the highest quality ingredients Each ingredient is tested for full potency, maximum purity and is subject to physical, microbial and analytical testing to detect even the slightest quality deficiency Numerous quality and safety checks are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process and again on the finished product Only Lipo-Flavonoid® products contain the exclusive Tisina™ Complex, a proprietary blend of high potency ingredients, clinically shown to be important to functionality of the inner ear. Importantly, the makers of Lipo-Flavonoid® do not manufacture store brands. Only the Lipo-Flavonoid® brand contains the precise blend of proprietary ingredients used and observed in clinical settings for over 50 years, and continues to be the #1 recommendation of doctors for relief of ringing in the ears* (*Source: April 2016 survey)

Ingredients: Vitamin C 1,000 mg; Essential Phospholipids (soy lecithin) 1,000 mg; Phosphatidycholine (PC) 500mg Other Ingredients: Deionized Water, Alcohol 12% v/v (as a natural preservative), Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid (for pH adjustment)

Suggested Use
Instructions Take two Lipo-Flavonoid Plus caplets three times each day preferably after a meal (six caplets total each day) for 60 days. Lipo-Flavonoid Plus1st Dose: Two Lipo-Flavonoid Plus caplets in the morning Lipo-Flavonoid Day/Night Kit2nd Dose: Two Lipo-Flavonoid Plus caplets midday Lipo-Flavonoid Night3rd Dose: Two Lipo-Flavonoid Plus caplets at night After experiencing some level of relief, try switching to maintenance usage.

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