Sleep BETTER in 2020 with Essential Oils
Get better sleep naturally in 2020! Is your New Year’s Resolution to sleep better? It SHOULD be! Sleep is essential to maintaining your physical and mental health, and wellbeing. Did YOU know that during deep sleep, our bodies repair muscles, organs, and other cells? For instance, when our body experiences deep, non-REM sleep, our pulse and blood pressure lowers, allowing our heart and blood vessels to rest and recover. This is just ONE example of how we’re able to recover during sleep... pretty neat, huh? So as you can see, sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health. Need a little help in the sleep department? Essential oils can help you sleep better by promoting relaxation and easing stress and anxiety! All you need is a diffuser and some oils! How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser First things first… how do you use an essential oil diffuser anyway? Ambrosia carries several different varieties of oil diffusers, but all of them are really easy to use! Simply follow the steps below! 1. Lift the top off of your chosen diffuser. 2. Pour room temperature water into your diffuser. Each diffuser is different so be sure to check for a line or marking in your diffuser; this indicates how much water you should pour. 3. Add 3 to 10 drops of essential oils. See below for our simple, sleep easy diffuser recipe! 4. Put the lid back on top of your diffuser. Get a Better Sleep In 2020 With THIS Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Our Ambrosia Essential Oils line is and 100% Canadian and 100% Pure. Add the below drops to your essential oil diffuser for a better sleep this year!

• 5 Drops Ambrosia Essential Oils Lavender • 3 Drops Ambrosia Essential Oils Peppermint • 2 Drops Ambrosia Essential Oils Eucalyptus

Do YOU use essential oils?!

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