Healthy Thanksgiving Staples At Ambrosia
What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with our October Flyer & Bi-weekly Specials?! Today, Team Ambrosia is demonstrating how you can stay healthy with some of our festive, holiday specials! Enjoy! Clean Eating Over The Holidays – Brit, Team Ambrosia Hello holiday season &helloooooo elastic waistband pants… only half joking!!! Eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes, pie, stuffing and essentially any and ALL other Thanksgiving related items is most definitely my absolute favourite pastime during the upcoming holiday season!! Indulgence is absolutely synonymous with this festive time of the year, but there are definitely ways to ensure that you’re being as healthy as you possibly can whilst still enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie (or two!). Below are a few ways that YOU can stay healthy this Thanksgiving!!! Better For You Thanksgiving Alternatives cranberrysauce Swap conventional white sugars for natural sweeteners in your cranberry sauce – In our very first EVER bi-weekly flyer, we included a naturally sweetened cranberry sauce recipe using maple syrup (which is absolutely delicious by the way!!). Try swapping out refined white sugars with maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, cane sugar etc in your cranberry sauce recipes this year!! Hot Tip: Our 227g bag of Patience Organic Cranberries are currently on SALE for $2.49 each… yes please! If you want to get in on these brand new, bi-weekly flyer specials so you don’t miss out on recipes & special prices… be sure to submit your email in our “E-Newsletter PopUp”! turkey Purchase GMO-free, Local & Organic Feed Turkeys – Be sure that you’re being MINDFUL of how your turkeys were raised! You want to make sure that the food you’re consuming was raised ethically, humanely & most importantly… HAPPY! By doing this, you’re also ensuring that the food you eat is healthy and rich in nutrients as these types of certifications ensure that livestock is able to be outside and forage on natural, nutritious foods. Healthy and happy turkeys = a healthy and happy you. *** Organic Turkey from Yorkshire Valley is currently on sale! This turkey was raised locally in Ontario and fed an organic, nutrient rich diet. squash Load up on the Squash – Pack your plate with nutrient rich organic squash (ALSO on sale) and root vegetables this Thanksgiving! The rich colour in all of these vegetables is a great indicator that they’re loaded with all kinds of really wonderful nutritional properties!! Be sure that these tasty, nutritious foods make up a majority of your plate! pumpkin-pie Make Your Own Pumpkin Pie –When you make your own homemade, pumpkin pie from scratch, you can ensure exactly what ingredients go into this Thanksgiving delicacy! Try using Farmer’s Markets’ Organic Unsweetened Pumpkin Puree! This brand uses a BPA Free Liner & is Non GMO – the ingredient list literally reads: “Organic Pumpkin”. This superfood bad boy is loaded with vitamins & antioxidants. And, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed…. The pumpkin puree is on sale too!! How do you stay healthy during the holidays?!