Gearing Up for The Holidays: Healthy Travel Essentials
The holidays are NOTORIOUS for being one of the busiest times of the year for travel! Between visits with family and jet setting worldwide… it can become VERY hectic! Often our bodies can be exposed to a bit of a sensory overload, which can take its toll on our immune system and lead to an unexpected bout of illness... which is the LAST thing you want to be dealing with during the holidays! So this year, we’re planning ahead of time, and sharing some of our healthy travel essentials with all of you! Healthy Holiday MUST Haves! – Brit, Team Ambrosia To me, the holidays are synonymous with being on the road! Whether that be visiting my grandparents farm in the country, or braving the wintery trek up North to the cottage… there is ALWAYS some sort of travel element that comes along with the holiday season. I definitely have my list of “go-to’s, so to speak, when it comes to prepping for these long treks so I thought it would be helpful to share them with you today! ESPECIALLY because a couple of them just so happen to be on sale right now!!! 1. Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils Essential oils are some of my favourite things to keep on hand during this busy time of the year! I have a tendency toward headaches (especially on the road), so when I feel one coming on, I dab a little peppermint oil under my nostrils or at the back of my neck to help soothe them. The lavender helps to calm me… which I definitely NEED anytime I’m travelling! I dab a bit onto my wrists & inhale through my nose. Super relaxing scent. 2. Homemade Trail Mix I get hungry very easily, so I love having a quick, healthy snack on hand! Toss some nuts, seeds, & raisins from the Bulk Section into a Ziploc bag & you’re good to go! It can be super easy and convenient to go the fast food route whilst on your travels, but plan ahead and keep yourself nourished properly! 3. Vitamin D ** On SALE! Vitamin D is particularly important during this time of the year, seeing as sunshine is one of our primary sources of this incredibly important nutrient! Because of our climate, Canadians are extremely susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency, so it’s important to be sure that you are maintaining your vitamin D levels throughout the winter months! This vitamin is one of our body’s essential building blocks, and plays a significant role in our immune health! AOR Vitamin D is currently on sale at Ambrosia for $9.89, so be sure to keep this handy during the holidays! 4. Sunscreen If you’re heading somewhere South for the holidays then sunscreen is obviously a MUST. Prepare your entire family for a getaway this holiday season with Green Beaver's Adult & Kids varieties! I’ve raved about Green Beaver on here before, seeing as this homegrown, non-toxic and natural brand is both vegan and gluten-free... PLUS both the adult & kids varieties are REEF FRIENDLY which is a MAJOR bonus!!! 5. Echinaforce Tincture ** On SALE! Echinacea is notorious for the role it plays in preventing colds and flu… so I can’t think of anything more appropriate as a travel essential during this time of the year! This herbal medicine is utilized to support immune health – especially during times of stress or lack of sleep…. Which sure sounds like the holidays to me… just kidding J Not to mention, this is currently on sale at Ambrosia for $14.99!

What are some of your travel essentials?!

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