Clean Green! Easy Spring Cleaning Swaps
Okay first and foremost, we get it… we know that the mere title of this blog post alone is enough to make all of you squirm collectively in your seats, because the thought of discussing the mundane, albeit necessary, task of spring cleaning is frankly not the most fun topic out there! BUT… it IS necessary & we’re here to help make the whole process just a little bit easier on you by taking the burden of “ingredient worry” when it comes to cleaning products off of your shoulders! Product Swap – How to Spring Clean… GREEN! Ugh Cleaning… aside from filing annual tax returns & taking my car in for maintenance, this is my third least favourite activity of all time. Not to mention, having to worry about all of the potentially harmful ingredients that go into conventional cleaning products, it can be enough to make your head spin… almost literally (seriously – take a look at some of those lengthy ingredient lists! I can almost guarantee that “head spinning” could be a potential side effect). ACTUALLY, before we get into healthier, greener alternatives, why don’t we go over some of the potential effects of utilizing conventional cleaning products?! Here are a couple of the reasons to clean green!
  • Toxins, fumes, & ammonia… oh my! This one is a given! We already know that conventional cleaners contain potentially hazardous materials in their products – which can be enough to make anyone a bit uneasy, especially when there are pets and children in the house! Any combination of these products can be dangerous or cause irritations and bodily harm so breathe easy with greener product options!
  • Protect the environment! Many of your everyday cleaning products are filled with the ingredients that are not so pleasant for the Earth (ie. Petroleum) and can have a potentially damaging effect on our environment and ecosystems because many of them aren’t biodegradable. Alternatively, greener cleaning products often utilize manufacturing & packaging practices & ingredients that are much more sustainable!
  • Clean Your Indoor Air! Ever thought that the air inside of your home would be as polluted (if not more) than the air outside?! YEP! Thanks to the culmination of ingredients in some of your standard household cleaning products, it can result in a higher than normal amount of Volatile Organic Compounds in the air! No thanks… I’ll go green please!
Greener Alternatives – Make the SWAP! Below is just a small little GLIMPSE into the greener, healthier cleaning alternatives that we carry here at Ambrosia. Major Bonus? Everything on this list is on SALE until the end of the month – which in case you hadn’t noticed, is less than a week away!!! So get in here already! Laundry – Bio-vert Laundry Detergent! This laundry detergent has worry free ingredient s for both yourself AND the environment! It’s certified for reduced environmental impact and the paper utilized in the packaging is made from responsible sources and is biodegradable in 28 days! Household Cleaners – Every single one of Attitude’s products are hypoallergenic, vegan & free from cancer causing ingredients! Not to mention, Attitude has actually partnered up with Earth Day to help support the environment and offset their greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees! Bathroom Toiletries – Because your BODY deserves a little green spring cleaning too! Replace your conventional self care products with greener alternatives like two of our April Specials – The Soap Works & Nature’s Gate Shampoo’s & Conditioners! Each product contains natural ingredients and was made with the eco-conscious consumer in mind, but The Soap Works takes it a step even further by reducing their packaging to keep their carbon foot print at a minimal! Air Purifiers – Attitude’s Natural Air Purifiers’ uses charcoal and plant based extracts as a natural air filter as opposed to the more conventional brands out there! Plus they come in super spring friendly scents like lavender and passion fruit so you can help bring those lovely outdoor smells IN! Plus they’ve got all of the quintessential Attitude bell’s & whistle’s: vegan, natural, eco-friendly, safe & packaging made from recyclable materials! Drain Cleaners - Goodbye hazardous Drano, helloooooo eco-friendly & natural drain sticks! Drain sticks from Ecozone utilize natural bacteria and enzymes to breakdown anything that causes blockages and bad smells in your kitchen and bathroom drains! PLUS this particular product helps keep our rainforest’s safe by going palm oil free & uses ingredients that are both plant-based & eco-friendly!

What are some of your favourite green cleaning products?!

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