3 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy At The Office Holiday Party
December is one of the busiest times of the year, what with parties, shopping extravaganzas, and holiday festivals that wreak havoc on both our social calendars and our healthy lifestyle! Often times, we don’t make our health a priority during the holidays; so today we’re spotlighting simple ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the annual Office Christmas Party! Staying Healthy Over The Holidays – Brit, Team Ambrosia Well I think it’s more than safe to say that the above subtitle is MUCH easier said than done. The holidays are a time where all sorts of baked, fried and chocolaty temptations are mercilessly dangled in front of our eyes day after day, up until the clock strikes midnight on December 31st…. of which we then simultaneously waken from our candy cane induced coma and spend the next few weeks sweating it out at the gym. Guilty as charged. Well this year I’m pledging to make slight and totally realistic adjustments so that I can still enjoy a few treats here and there… while being mindful all at the same time! Below are three tips to keep you healthy at the office holiday Christmas party! 1. Skip the ‘Nog… It absolutely pains me to tell you that you should try and avoid this festive cup of creamy goodness at the office holiday party at all costs… but it simply just cannot be denied. Cream, sugar, eggs, milk; the list of undesirable ingredients regrettably goes on, and on, and on, culminating to roughly 367.4 mg of cholesterol and 13.3g of fat per serving in your run of the mill, conventional ‘nog product. The horror! The good news? THANKFULLY, Ambrosia just so happens to carry a couple of “better for you” eggnog alternatives to get you through the holidays:
  • So Delicious offers a dairy-free, coconut milk eggnog beverage that is simply amazing! This beverage is literally flying off the SHVELVES here… seriously… so make sure you stop by to pick up a carton (or two… or ten….).
  • Harmony Organic Eggnog – Rest assured, this eggnog was made from happy cows! This certified local, sustainable, and organic eggnog is definitely an Ambrosia crowd pleaser… packed only with REAL, whole ingredients… plus 40% of your daily vitamin D intake and 25% of your daily calcium intake!
Sigh…. all is well, and Christmas is saved! Skip the ‘nog at the office party & wait til you get home to indulge in a “better for you” alternative! 2. Eat A Larger, Healthy Lunch During The Day Fuel your body before you head out to the holiday soiree! Ensure that you’re getting in some well-balanced goodness by eating a large, healthy lunch and a small dinner prior to the office party; if you attend on a full stomach, it’s less likely that you’re going to graze the sweets and deserts table! We carry some really great, grab n’ go prepared meals here at Ambrosia, so stock up and fuel up before hittin’ the town! ALSO, if there just so happens to be a buffet… opt for the smaller sized plate! You can’t load up on the fatty foods if it’s literally not even possible to do so! 3. Digestive Enzymes Are Your Best Friend It’s nearly a one hundred percent guaranteed fact that your festive office shindig won’t necessarily be planned with gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or anything-free for that matter, in mind so PLAN AHEAD! If you do possess the “urge to splurge” at the annual Office Holiday Christmas party, be sure that you’ve got your digestive enzymes handy! Many of our favourite, festive treats have properties that are extremely difficult for our body to digest, heartbreaking I know, and digestive enzymes can help to combat this by trigging the chemical breakdown of our foods into smaller particles that become easier for our bodies to absorb. Enzymes like amylases, proteases and lipases are responsible for the breakdown of starches, proteins and fats respectively, and are conveniently packed into pill form… sold right here at Ambrosia! So does this mean you can go absolutely CRAZY at the party and consume nearly everything in sight? No! Be mindful, eat the candy cane, but then move on! Moderation is key. If YOU’RE the one hosting the holiday party this year, we carry a huge variety of gluten-free, vegan and allergy friendly alternatives for guests with dietary restrictions!

What are some of your ticks to stay healthy at the Office Holiday Party?!

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